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Eye-Hand-Heart Cyanotypes
Eye in the Sky
Eye Mixed Media
Cosmic Checkers
Cosmic Chess
Holy Cow/Holy Mackerel
Heart of Stone
Elk Cross

More to come....

Artist's Psychobabble - Read only if you must!

I try not to be hemmed in by limited classifications of "art". Much of the art I have produced could be classified as assemblage or photo-assemblage. Content-wise it often has a metaphysical emphasis, examining questions on the nature of the universe, our perception of reality and/or God, the struggle between nature and artifice, hopefully in an engaging way.

My artistic goals are to combine the best of different medias (painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture) to create epistemologic illustrations of how we perceive reality. I want to present all sorts of theories that involve the viewer in my work, and maybe give them some sort of awareness of how we create, at least partially, the reality we perceive. I have spent most of my life profoundly deaf, and looking back on some of the work I created 20 years ago, I can notice that in the way I tend to use eye and hand imagery in some of my work.

Some of my artistic influences have been Max Ernst, Man Ray, Joseph Cornell, Edward Kienholz, and my professor at CSUN Jerry McMillan; as well as the movements of Surrealism, Dada, pop art, conceptual art, and alternative photography.

Group exhibition at California State University Northridge - 1986 annual student art show
Group exhibition at California State University Northridge - 1989 annual student art show
X Gallery show at Encino Terrace Center, Encino CA 1989
Presentation/lecture at CSUN May 1989 with Lucille Blackwell entitled "Deaf People: A Photo Journalistic Perspective" (this was about our travels thru a few Western states photographing and interviewing Deaf people for a book which has not yet been published)
Deaf Visual Artists group exhibit Northridge CA 1989
"Alternatives 91" group show, Ohio University Athens OH 1991
De'VIA Art Show (with Deaf Studies Today!) Utah Valley State College, Orem UT 2008

The shows and much of my artistic endeavours were suspended for a too-lengthy period after getting sidetracked and among other things starting a small business.. but now I'm back!
February 2008

All images copyright 2008 Kendra Harness/Lost Angeles Rubber Works

The spiral eye image by Kendra Harness is also available (slightly larger) as a rubber stamp from Lost Angeles Rubber Works.