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Unique Handmade and other Stuff You Can Own or Gift by Kendra Harness

Unique handmade glycerin soap -
sign language themes and more!
Jewelry (under construction)
ASLstuff 4 You
Sign language apparel, housewares, mugs,
cards/stickers, decor, and fun stuff for you!
Lost Angeles Image Works
Kendra's unique apparel, housewares, mugs,
cards/stickers, decor, and fun stuff for you!
Sign language rubber stamps for teachers,
crafting, scrapbooking and more!
Lost Angeles Rubber Works
Unique rubber stamps for gifting,
crafting, scrapbooking and more!

A Very Short History...

I became interested in rubber stamps sometime during the 1990's. I had ideas for many alternative and unique rubber stamp designs that couldn't be found anywhere else, so Lost Angeles Rubber Works was born, with many "found" images as well as original designs drawn by myself and others. ASLstamp, with its hundreds of original sign language rubber stamps, followed soon after. ASLstuff 4 You and Lost Angeles Image Works use many of my popular rubber stamp and other designs printed on demand on cool apparel and household products. The newest, ASLsoap, brings to you unique handmade glycerin soaps in beautiful designs and wonderful smells, perfect for gifting or household decorating, or even soaping up! Browse and enjoy!

December 2010

All images copyright 2010 Kendra Harness/Lost Angeles Rubber Works

The spiral eye image by Kendra Harness is also available (slightly larger) as a rubber stamp from Lost Angeles Rubber Works.