ASLstuff: Cool Links to Art, ASL, and Other Sites

More cool links to be added as I find them and as time permits.
Adco Hearing Products
Products for the Deaf and hard of hearing, including some of our rubber stamps!

Blog of a Deaf cartoonist, including comic strips!

Altered Arts Magazine
Look at cool stuff and learn to create altered art yourself!

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ASLstuff 4 You
Our ASL designs on T-shirts and more!

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Promotes signing with (hearing) babies and children - lots of info

Building Big - About the Challenges
Perfect for the budding civil engineer or architect - try your hand designing a bridge or skyscraper!

Building to the Limits
Fascinating site about sustainable and safer building technology
Products for the Deaf and hard of hearing, including some of our rubber stamps!

Clerc Scar
Email publication of the signing community - essays, poetry, fiction, and artwork

Deaf Asia Foundation
The Role of Deaf Asians in the New Millennium
Deaf Cartoons and Commentary Blog

Deafhood Discourses
Dr. DonG's Deafhood Discourses Blog

Deaf Studies Today!
Biennial professional conference at UVSC

Deaf T-Shirts and More

Technology Products for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

More than 2550 links to Deaf sites all over the world!

Futurika is Deaf People's Future - The Biggest Deaf Search Engine Since 2001!

Glass Attic
Encyclopedia of everything you need to know about polymer clay

Harris Communications Inc
Products for the Deaf and hard of hearing, including some of our rubber stamps!

Hearing Ear Dog Law Information Center

History Through Deaf Eyes
Exhibit on American History through the experience of the Deaf

Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center
My old alma maters (KDES and MSSD) and more

Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena
Really, really, really cool mind-eye candy

The Roving Reporter
Lots of Deaf & Sign Language links

Scrapbooking Wizard
Website directory for scrapbooking

Sign Language T-Shirts and More
Ever wondered if that email "true story" or picture you got is for real or fake? Check it out here.

Upward Mobility - Robert Davila
I was fortunate to meet him while I was a student at MSSD - very inspiring guy!

Wacky Eye Glasses Fun Visual Tricks & Optical Illusion
More really, really cool mind-eye candy

What is Deaf Art?
The De'VIA Manifesto
All images copyright 2009 Kendra Harness/Lost Angeles Rubber Works