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"Not by Popular Demand - The Hearing Ear Dog" by Kendra Harness

Hearing-Ear Dog #1
The Origin Story
Hearing-Ear Dog #2
The Adventure Continues
Hearing-Ear Dog #3
Yet More Tripe
Hearing-Ear Dog #4
Revenge of the Nerd
Hearing-Ear Dog #5
Revenge of the Nerd II
Hearing-Ear Dog #6
Return of the Revenge of the Nerd
Hearing-Ear Dog #7
Son of Return of the Revenge of the Nerd
Hearing-Ear Dog #8
War Games
Hearing-Ear Dog #9
Attack of the Killer Mice
Hearing-Ear Dog #10
The Mice that Roared
Hearing-Ear Dog #11
A Night to Forget
Hearing-Ear Dog #12
War is Heck
Hearing-Ear Dog #13

Artist's Psychobabble - Read only if you must!

What can I say about this 20 years later? In between going to college at CSUN, I worked for the late Eye Festival Communications in Hollywood, and ended up contributing to their new monthly newspaper, "Deaf USA". "Not by Popular Demand: The Hearing-Ear Dog" was one of the comics on the "Living Page", and ran for a couple years. From the beginning I wanted to try something different, more creative, not some feel-good pablum with cutesy stories and dumbed-down language. If I had actually tried to create said feel-good pablum, it might have been more popular than it was, but after growing up reading "Mad" and "Cracked" magazines, and being corrupted by such zany TV programs as Sledge Hammer! and Max Headroom, I was totally incapable of such things. So there it was.... Too weird. Too many in-jokes. Too many incomphrensible literary and pop-cultural references, a la Dennis Miller. Too much silliness and grossness. Too much straight-faced irony. Too many big words. Not to mention the terrible handwriting. It sure as heck wasn't "Terry and the Pirates" but it was fun to create and it did have a few fans. So here it is, back in "print" at last!
By the way, if you're wondering about the "K. Harnisch" signature, that was how my last name was spelled 300 years ago in Der Old Country.

March 2008

Update: In 2009 this comic was re-serialized in the "online publication of the signing community", Clerc Scar. You can still find it in the archives, with text descriptions for Braille readers below the images. I encourage you to check out Clerc Scar - it's chock full of thoughtful essays, literate fiction, creative poetry, comics and artwork and goodies!

All images copyright 2010 Kendra Harness/Lost Angeles Rubber Works