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Welcome to Lost Angeles Image Works, your one-stop source for unique and eclectic clothing and gifts including our Maneki Neko Lucky Cat, Space Aliens, Girly Skull 'n' Crossbones, Reindeer Holiday Cards, Petroglyph Eye/Hands and more!
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Hawaii Turtle hibiscus
Hawaii Turtles
Say "Aloha" with our Hawaiian turtle swimming in a sea of hibiscus flowers, carrying a large flower on his back!

Mooey Christmas Black-and-white spotted holstein cow
Go cow-crazy with our spotted Holstein designs! Wish everyone "Mooey Christmas" with our holiday cow, and wear our black-and white cow the rest of the year!

spay neuter floozy cat
Stop pet overpopulation - save lives and have your pet spayed or neutered today!

South 666 Highway Sign
Roads 'n' Stuff
Highway signs, surveyor's stuff and more!

Colorful glowing Earth Heart
Have fun this Valentine's Day, Earth Day, or any day with our unusual heart designs!

Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Waving
Maneki Neko Lucky Cat
This cute beckoning kitty is a "Maneki Neko" ("Lucky Cat") popular in Japan.

Girly Skull and Crossbones in Heart Distressed
Skulls and Crossbones
Spooky fun with distressed-print skulls and crossbones

Space Alien Family Bumper Sticker
The Alien Family
Tired of those inane stick-family decals on the backs of SUVs? Have a little fun with our "Alien Family" group!

We Come in Peace Green Extraterrestrial
Space Aliens
Declare "We Come in Peace" with our green extraterrrestrial alien flashing a "Peace" sign.

Glowing inspirational purple om sanskrit symbol
Purple OM
Indigo-purple glowing OM symbol for meditation

Green Recycle Symbol
Go Green and remind everyone to recycle with our distressed-look recycle symbol! Perfect for those interested in ecology and conservation.

Pagan Wiccan Nature Greenman
Green Man
Weathered-look "Green Man" face

Earthy Petroglyph Eye Hand
Petro EyeHands
Communicate diversity with our petroglyph-design eyed hands!

Love Words and Hearts
Love Words and Hearts
Add a little fun and romance to your life with our love and hearts design!

fsck, the Unix file system consistency check command
Unix geeks will love our products featuring the "file system consistency check" - aka "fsck" - in many variations.

Eye-Hand-Heart Cyanotypes Blueprints
Cyanotype art from ASLstuff.com

Red, White and Blue Statue of Liberty
Red, White, and Blue Liberty
Celebrate Freedom with our red, white and blue Statue of Liberty and fireworks background!

I Love America Flag Heart
I Love America Flags
Go red, white, and blue for Independence Day with our heart flag designs!

Matthew 22 Inspirational Quote
Show your faith with inspirational sayings from a variety of religious traditions!

Green glowing dancing skeleton for Halloween
Spooky Halloween
Trick or Treat for Halloween with our black cats, skeletons and skulls!

Blue and White Winter Snowflakes
Celebrate the holidays (or your love of snow) with our white and blue snowflake designs!

Have a Blessed Yule in red and green
Winter Holidays
Celebrate the holidays with our seasonal clothing, cards, and ornaments!

Colorful lively star-topped Christmas tree with ornaments
Christmas Trees
Celebrate the season with our colorful star-topped Christmas trees!

Cartoon reindeer in swimsuits sunning on beach
Holiday Reindeer
Celebrate the holidays with our full-color reindeer images! Select from humorous, casual, or classy.

The Luck of the Irish with shamrock
St. Patrick's Day
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with four-leaf-clover and green beer T-shirts!

I Voted Why Didn't You? with American flag
Express your feelings with our political designs!

Golden Apple with eye in triangle and number 23 background
Illuminati Golden Apple
"23" Illuminati-eyed golden apple in honor of Robert Anton Wilson. Fnord.


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